Spirit Animals

There is no reason we shouldn’t all be successful, healthy, safe and happy with all the Guidance we have from Above. Yet, most of us don’t realize it, or at the very least, don’t pay attention to it. We have God, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, and — what?? Now you say we have Animal Guides, too?

Maybe, for those of you that have a hard time relating to Angels and Spirit Guides, the concept of an Animal Guide may be easier to work with. Some of us are just animal people. Almost everyone knows someone who relates better to animals than humans, or perhaps you are that person.

The concept of an Animal Guide is not a new one. Long before our ancestors arrived in America, the Native Americans believed that all life was sacred, and animals played an important role in daily and spiritual life. History suggests that many societies and cultures believed in animals as deities or messengers of the gods, including Ancient Egyptians, Africans, Aztecs and Mayans. Don’t forget mythological animals. Dragons, unicorns, Pegasus, the Minotaur and their legendary brothers and sisters can all be in your repertoire of spirit guides.

In modern society, though we have a tendency to toss aside those beliefs as fairy tales and superstition, many people still look for and act upon messages from Animal Guardians. These folk recognize animals for their connectedness to earth and the Creator, and have begun learning how to work with animals as guides.

How do you know if you have an Animal Guide? Chances are you have several. Often, the easiest way to find out what creature is your spirit animal is to think about an animal that you have a particularly strong connection to. Many people have a favorite, maybe one they completely obsess over. Is your office space decorated floor to ceiling with dolphins? Do you have more pictures of wolves in your living room than you do of your children or grandchildren? Does a friend’s normally shy cat instantly gravitate to you? These animals are probably connected to you on a spiritual level.

You can also use meditation and visualization to find a spirit animal. Find a space where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and picture yourself in a special place in nature. It can be any place that brings you peace: a beach, a pond, a meadow or a forest glen. Once you’ve gotten a good feel for the space you have chosen, imagine a light mist forming a short distance away. When you are ready, imagine an animal walking out of the mist towards you. You instantly recognize it and feel comfortable with it, and it’s a joyous reunion. You can communicate with it, and discuss whatever you like with it. Before you leave the space, note the color of your animal, the size, specific breed or other distinguishing features, and remember you can always go back to this place and visit your spirit animal.

Then you ask . . . now that I’ve got an idea about which animal is my guide, what do I do next? Here are some ways to interpret what your guide may be trying to tell you. First, think about what that animal means to you. Tape a picture of it to a piece of paper and write below it some words or phrases that come to mind about that animal. Now think about how those traits might relate to you. Are these things you could stand to work on, or do you feel that they are your strong points? You can enhance your knowledge of your spirit animal by studying its behavioral traits and social structure, along with its mythology and history.

It may surprise you to know that if there is an animal you absolutely hate, or one that sends you screaming from the room . . . that animal more than likely has a spiritual meaning or a message for you. If you absolutely can’t stand this creature, what aspect of your life terrifies you, or what about yourself have you been avoiding? Often coming to terms with the message these animals bring will bring you some relief from those strong reactions.

Working with your animals is easy. You may see a particular behavior that stands out to you. You may spot your animal — if it’s a more unusual animal you may see several of them in a row. These can be signs that your animal is trying to get your attention. In one example a person related seeing a crow (that person’s spirit animal) standing on a sign that simply said, “BEGIN”. . . now there’s an interesting way to send a message!

You can thank your spirit animal for working with you and providing you with guidance. Honor and acknowledge it by keeping its picture nearby, maybe taking a bit of clay and making your own sculpture. (Don’t worry about making it pretty; it’s just for you!) Sometimes, you might even find a feather or some fur from your animal – a gift. If you are seeking specific guidance or support from a spirit animal, thank them for it ahead of time.

The most important thing I can tell you is that there are no rules. Don’t feel that because the cat you saw in your meditation was purple that you were somehow wrong. As I mentioned above, fantastic animals should not be tossed aside as just imaginary. They exist in the hearts and minds of many people, and that alone gives them importance and power. Trust your intuition. When you’re working out the specific meaning of your animal and you feel that one trait or behavior suits you more than another, go with it. I often suggest keeping a journal, or writing a report about the animal to get in better touch with them.

I leave you with a welcome to the magical world of animal wisdom and guidance, and I wish you wondrous journey. May you find the success, health and happiness that you deserve.


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