2011 Relay for Life of Second Life – Survivors Art Show & Auction

The Relay for Life Survivors Art Show & Auction

Silent Auction June 5th through 11th
Live Auction June 12th

Relay for Life of Second Life is pleased to announce the Survivors Art Show & Auction from June 5th through the 12th. A silent auction will run from June 5th to the 11th and a live auction will be held on June 12th at 12pm SLT.

Artists are invited to submit works for participation in this Relay for Life of Second Life fundraiser to benefit the American Cancer Society. This year’s theme for the Relay is Seasons of Hope. Artists are encouraged, but not required, to consider this theme in creating or presenting art for the auctions. Of the submissions entered, a committee will choose a selection of works to be presented at the live auction. Artwork can be one of a kind, unique works, or copies of previous works but they must be your own original work.

This year we would like to streamline the exhibition and encourage quality over quantity, so we are encouraging fewer submissions and taking into account size and prim count to make the entire auction a high quality, low lag experience for attendees.

Submission Requirements:

1.) Limit 1 entry per artist – if we have space to open up to a second submission we will notify the participants

2.) Please keep the size of the work within a 10m diameter and 20m height

3.) Please keep the prim counts below 50 prims

4.) Scripts are allowed within reason, please consider sim performance

5.) Bots are not permitted

6.) The event and sim are PG, please submit appropriate works

7.) Works should allow transfer rights for auction purposes

8.) The art auction committee reserves the right to turn down entries for any reason

9.) Submission deadline is May 29th at noon SLT

Thank you for your generosity and continued support of Relay for Life in Second Life!

Tricia Aferdita – Chair
Kitty Tully – Co-Chair
2011 Survivors Art Show & Auction


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