Some Basics of Compassionate Farming (and Compassionate Living)

I thought I’d share Meadowfly Farm’s thoughts on compassionate farming, and in the bigger picture, compassionate and mindful living. Thank you, Che, for your wise words!

Handmade Goat Milk Soap

I’ve been engaging in an online discussion this morning about a controversial topic regarding care of chickens. I just realized that some of what I’m saying in this discussion may be interesting to other people that I’m connected to by Facebook and my blog. While I don’t wish to upset people with the details of the discussion topic, I do want to share some of my thoughts that have come out of the discussion.

Our goal should always be to improve the quality of care of our pets and farm animals, not perpetuate outdated methods of doing things that are considered abusive by today’s standards.

While I care for my animals using the veterinary skills I possess after working in veterinary hospitals, I will use my veterinarian for anything that includes the need (by my compassion standards) for anesthesia or includes cutting off a part of my animal that has…

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