The Importance of Living the Life of Your Dreams

A very deep and thoughtful post from my friend Che at Gentle Meadow Goat Farm about physical and mental well-being and the important effect following your dreams can have on them!

Handmade Goat Milk Soap

Yesterday, I was profoundly reminded of the fact that I am living the life that I am meant to live. As a general rule, I haven’t discussed my health publicly in any real detail. However, I often engage in conversations related to my health challenges when the conversation arises. I don’t hide these things and I speak about them often, but I don’t focus on them publicly. Today, I’ve decided to change that rule. I am going to talk about my challenges because doing so will help me talk about my successes.

About a month ago, I realized that I needed an updated photograph of myself for use in business contexts. My farm and business are growing and I needed a way to accurately portray myself to those who haven’t met me yet. I have several incredibly talented photographer friends, all of whom have taken some beautiful photos of my…

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