A Little Inspiration

Curled Leaf - Tricia GriffithI have been feeling a bit agitated  for having too many projects (i.e. not managing my time very well) and not giving myself enough time to write posts for this blog, which is one of my favorite things to do. I was thinking about it this weekend, and I realized that one of the things that I’m doing is setting some pretty high expectations for myself.

We all do it. I think there’s a tendency to think that until we can do something 110%, we might as well not do it at all, and so then of course a lot of potentially great things never get done. With Spiritual Tea, for instance, I keep thinking I need to have just the right topic, and it needs to be a good essay length, and then of course once I pick a subject, I might need to research it, and who has time for that?? And on and on…

Kripalu Sundial - Tricia GriffithSometimes we need to stop waiting until we feel like we can do something perfectly, and just do it. Perfection is a pretty elusive thing, and by not doing anything at all, we don’t even give ourselves a chance to learn from the imperfections. This means, writing that blog post, painting, creating, or expressing yourself in any way.

It can also be the reason we don’t try new things. There’s that feeling that we’ll be embarrassed because we’re not very good at it yet, and people will laugh at your mistakes, and learning curves are painful. But in reality, if you find the right person or people to learn from, they have all been where you are, and they will support and encourage, pick you up when you fall down, and share their own stories of failures and successes with you.

Gentle Wave - Tricia GriffithSo, as you can see, what I thought was just going to be a very short blog post to say how I had figured out what I would do to write more often has actually turned into a pretty lengthy one, with some surprising insights that popped into my head once I started typing. And that just came from idea that I would just write more frequently, even if it’s just a paragraph or two, a word of the day, or a little inspiration, and not wait for perfection.

I hope that you take my example and follow your own bit of inspiration today.